Friday, October 9, 2009

Running Time

I was recently asked how long is a good time length to run for. I would suggest that people run for at least 20 minutes. This doesn't need to be constant running (although that would be very effective) but a good jog for 20 minutes or so is effective for getting the heart rate up and burning fat.

One of the ways I train is the HITT training I've talked about in the past. HITT training involves changing speeds and elevations on a treadmill every minute or so to change the intensity of your workout. By the end of only 10 minutes you'll have gotten quite the workout and you get much stronger cardio functioning and will be able to last longer.

I play soccer and the HITT training is very effective for soccer and other sports where you go from jogging to running quickly and then back to jogging. Believe me, your legs will feel it the next day and you will build up a good sweat.

Jogging is great for relaxation or if you need to think about something you are preoccupied on (work, plans to do something that is important to you, ect.) When jogging I like to do 2-3 miles, or a 5k (3.1 miles). The longer you run the more calories you burn and the quicker it will take to get you into shape.


  1. Yeah, you should try running a 5K on the beach. Not the wet sand, the dry sand. I normally run about 5K every other day, and doing it on dry sand I thought I might not finish! Also, running in the water is an intense/awesome way to strengthen your legs. This is probably why volleyball players have such wicked legs. And I agree, a good jog is so nice for thinking ... that's what I do when I need to think. Also, running in the cold is awesome, but you probably don't get much of that in FL, huh?

  2. thanks for the not too cold in Florida but when I played soccer in high school the coach would talk about playing soccer in the sand on the beach. That's a great workout and quite challenging.