Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fell off the horse and now back again

A few months ago I had joined a group that played soccer every Tuesday evening. I suffered a pulled groin muscle and had to quit running for a while. Well, groin pulls take time to heal and after a few weeks it was better but by then I had stopped working out on a consistant basis.

Work has been busy. I have gotten a promotion recently and have been busy learning and getting comfortable with my new roles and responsibilities. My mind has been on learning the new roles of my new position and not focussing on working out.

Either way, I have got to begin working out again. I have a gym membership and don't want to waste my money by not going to the gym. So I am beginning to work out again and need to focus on running and cardio to cut down on my calories and lose weight. I put the weight on that I had lost so now I have to start over.

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