Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Workouts have been going great for me. I find that when I do squats and other leg workouts my body takes a little bit longer to recover. I think it's probably because I trained upper body for longer and had neglected lower body workout due to the fact that as a child I was involved with sports that involved a lot of running. Working out with weights is different than just running and my body is getting used to doing the extra lifting. Recovery time is definately longer after a lower body workout though.

I've also started to focus a little more on abs. I found out that the large exercise balls that you can sit on really focus my ab workout and I can feel it alot better when I'm doing the exercises. Plus, it doesn't hurt my back as much as I were doing regular situps. My form is correct but after a while the middle of my back gets sore and I need to stop. I think it may have to do with breathing patterns.

A little humor now.... on youtube there is a video of this guy from Orlando, FL who took his kid to the dentist for some sort of oral surgery. The video is of the kid on the car ride home and how he is effected by the medication he was given. It's been a hit on Youtube and there have been multiple editing jobs to make it funny or have different effects. Here's one that I think is particularly funny. This is the original video....

And this is a remake.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Goal Accomplished

Life is full of small victories. I recently accomplished my goal of getting my weight down to 185 from 197. 12 pounds lost since last September. 4 months it took to get to my goal.

I am now concentrating on body fat loss while increasing my weight lifting amount. I also have varied my running by putting inclines in with my normal running and using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) like the follow video....

I feel stronger and am beginning to see a little definition starting to form in my arms and shoulders.