Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The fight continues

An update of sorts.... I got my circumfrance measurements and there were some interesting finds. Some of my body parts are larger than the same parts on the other side.

Girth Measurements

Bicep Right=13 1/2 inches Left=12 7/8 inches

Umbilical 37

Hips 42

Thigh Right=22 1/2 Left=23 1/2

Chest 40

Calves Right=15 7/8 Left=16 1/8

Shoulders 47 3/4

I am currently 187 lbs and still need to get rid of 2 lbs to meet my goal of 185. This weekend I was tired from work, saw a movie (with popcorn of course) and then Sunday there was a Chinese New Year/ surprise birthday party for a friend at my house. Now the fight continues and I'll get back on track.

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