Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bodyweight goals

Picture of me today

So the last time I posted how people sometimes find it hard to keep up with working out and eating right in order to achieve thier goals. I'd like to talk about how I fell off the train and got back on again.

Back in 2004 I went to police academy and they make you run and do obsticle courses and hoist large objects over your shoulders while running. I had PT instructors that pushed us and because of that when I came out of the academy I was in the best shape of my life. After academy I was not working out as much and my diet wasn't as good as it should have been so I gained some weight back.

Last year I decided to get back into shape so I got a homegym in the garage. The gym consisted of an adjustuble bench, some dumbells and an EZ curl bar. I worked out for a while but then eventually lost motivation. So back in August, after I got a raise from work, I joined a gym that was 24 hrs and had two locations and some other perks. I started out at 197 lbs with 19.7% bodyfat. On Dec. 31st I weighed 189 lbs with 13.9% bodyfat. My personal goal is to get down to where I was when I was in the best shape during academy. This means weighing between 180-185, continue to lose bodyfat and then increase lean muscle mass to get stronger.

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