Saturday, January 17, 2009

measurements upcoming

A exercise website I go to called bodyblog has a way to measure improvements in various ways including strength gains and body circumfrance measurements. What are circumfrance measurements? According to the University of Iowa Health Care

"Skinfold thickness and circumference of trunk and limbs are indicators of musculature and fatness that can be objectively tracked over time."

Another reason is to track muscularity. For example if when I begin working out I have 15 inch wide arms and then three months later I measure my arms again and they are now 20 inches wide that is an indication that the increase is probably due to increased muscle mass.

This upcoming week I have an appointment with a personal trainer at my gym to get my measurements. I want to get that done because it will be another way to track improvements in changes in my body structure. I'm looking forward to my meeting with the personal trainer on Thursday.

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