Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Run Faster

One of my goals is to be able to run faster.   Growing up I played a lot of soccer and football.  These sports had a lot of sprinting involved in them.  I was quite fast and often would beat the person defending me and make a nice play.  I also played baseball but was bad at hitting.  I compromised this by getting proficient at bunting down the third base line and sprinting to first base, beating the throw to first base.  Then I would steal second base and somehow get to home.  All of this was done primarily by sprinting and being fast.

In order to get faster there are a few things that you can do in the gym to help.  The main thing studies have shown include that when doing leg workouts the focus should be on doing less repetitions and heavier weight.  The workouts should include squats and leg presses.  These exercise are ones that focus on exploding upward in order to complete the repetition.  I also like doing leg extensions and leg curls.

When you run for speed you also should try running outside and do interval training by starting of at a nice jogging pace.  Then sprint for 15-20 seconds and then go back to jogging pace. Try sprinting to two or three lamp posts or other objects along your running route and then recover for two or three lamp posts.  This type of running is known as fartlek running.

If you are trying to get faster as a runner you should do leg workouts such as squats, leg presses, leg extensions and leg curls.  When running you should do interval training and practice running fartleks.
Within a few weeks you should notice that you can run faster.

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