Saturday, February 4, 2012

Annoying Things I See at the Gym

When I'm at the gym sometimes I see other people doing some things that I find annoying.  Bad behavior in the gym can effect your workout. I think some people don't realize what they are doing and that it is taking away from other people's workouts. 

Some of the things I find annoying is when people who are working out bring their cell phone with them.  I find it annoying because to me it seems like if you were there to workout it would be more important than possibly receiving a phone call.  Are they so important that they need to have their cell phone on them at all times- even when working out? It seems to me that they may be preocuppied and not really there for a good workout.  When people have the cell phones with them and are on treadmills or other cardio equipment are they really going to stop the workout just to answer the phone?

Another thing at the gym that I find annoying is when people finish their workout on a bench and leave the bench with a sweat stain for the next person to clean up.  People need to bring towels with them or wipe the bench down with a sanitary swipe that most gyms provide so that you can wipe down equipment and not leave them nasty.

People that use the equipment as a place to rest instead of using it to actually work out are another thing that I find annoying.  If you don't have enough energy to work out then call it a day and rest up.  Your body tells you when it's time to stop.  Laying on a benchpress bench for minutes is not giving you a good workout.  It's tying up that bench so nobody else can use it.

Finally, there's been times that I've been working out and this large muscluar guy is doing only a few reps of certain exercises but loudly grunts the last couple reps out as if he is trying to get other people to look at him and how much he can lift.  Keep your grunting to yourself!

What do you find annoying when you go to the gym?  Did I miss anything that you can think of?

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