Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

There are quite a few healthy breakfast ideas that you can use to help get enough energy and nutrients at the start of the day to give yourself an advantage on eating healthy for the rest of the day. It is essential to give yourself enough energy by eating breakfast prior to a morning workout so that you have a good workout and enough energy. There is a reason people refer to breakfast as the most important meal of the day.

 The other day I met with a friend of mine the other day and we were discussing how I've been going back to the gym and having a little bit of success with losing weight and some people are noticing that I am losing weight.  I started out at 208 lbs and have lost a couple pounds since then.My friend discussed how important it is to start your day off right with a good breakfast.  I thought I'd give some examples of things that would make a good healthy breakfast. 

One of the things he mentioned was starting the day off with a healthy protein shake.  The reason for this is that your body is hungry and getting a healthy shake jump starts your pursuit of getting enough protein in your diet for the day.  I have a shake that for one scoop it has 30 grams of protein in it.  I add water to it and shake it up to get it blended nicely.  If you want to use a blender you can do that also.  Some people feel that using a blender makes it better as you don't get the powder particles in your shake as much.  To each his own.

I enjoy scrambled eggs on occasion, I'll admit, but you should try to focus on eating egg whites and staying away from the yolk.  The yolk is where most of the cholesterol is located in an egg.  You can purchase at grocerie stores cartons of egg white.  Just fry it up, mix in any other healthy ingredients (mushrooms,onions, peppers, a small amount of cheese) and make yourself a nice omlette.

Oatmeal is a very healthy breakfast.  You can add just about any type of berry to it to add to the flavor.  You can add cinnamon for a little sweetened taste.You can add apple squares as well. Oatmeal is a good source of fiber and protein and has other benefits too.  According to  the magazine Natural Home and Garden oatmeal also lowers cholesterol, boosts the immune system as well as other things.

Cereals can be another good breakfast.  The key to eating cereals is to stay away from those cereals with lots of sugar.  When picking cereals you should focus on the fiber and vitamin content. Here is a good source of information and statistics that shows how it's important to add cereals into a person's diet.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it jump starts your body into gear, telling it what to expect the rest of the day.  Stay away from food made with a lot of fat, grease and cholesterol.  By eating a healthy breakfast you put yourself at an advantage for the rest of the day to eat healthy and burn calories and fat.  It is essential to give yourself enough energy by eating breakfast prior to a morning workout so that you have a good workout and enough energy.

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