Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Increase the Size of Your Arms

When people are at the gym they tend to walk past people and make a mental note about how the other person they just passed looked. They may even go as far as deciding if they are stronger or in better shape than the other person. Visually, the eyes tend to go towards the size of the arms, chest and stomach of the other person.

A little basic anatomy is needed to understand the muscles in the arm.  The main muscles are the biceps and triceps.  The biceps are located in the front of your arm and have two heads- the long head and short head.  The triceps are located in the back of your arm and have three heads- the long head, the medial head and the lateral head.

The tricep push and the biceps pull.  When working out it is a good idea to not do both bicep and triceps workouts on the same day as you will end up with soreness in your entire arm, which may cause you to miss a workout or not do the workout properly or with the same effort level the next time.

Basic Arm Exercises
Some of the basic exercises to develop the arms for the biceps include various types of curls. They can be seated, inclined, or standing.  You can also use different equipment and bars to do the exercises.  There are straight bars, EZ Curl bars or you can use machines to help work out the muscles.  For bicep exercises I do standing curls, preacher curls, and seated curls at different angles to help grow the muscle.

For triceps muscle development I do tricep pulldowns, triceps extentions and skull crushers, and triceps kickbacks.

With any of these exercises in order gain mass use heavier weight with fewer repetitions and if you want to get muscle definition use lighter weight with more repetitions.  A good plan will incorporate both so that on some days you focus on gaining mass and other days you can focus on gaining definition.  The key is consistancy and also giving your body enough rest in between workouts. By doing these exercises you will add size to your arms and will get stronger overall.

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